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Lara Marie Berger

Lara Marie Berger (geb. Müller)
PhD Candidate 
E-Mail: lara.berger@uni-koeln.de

Gebäude 102 (SSC), 4. Etage, Raum 327

Office hours: Wednesdays 10-11am  
(please register via email in advance)



I am interested in how we can create media markets that best serve society. To contribute to this, I conduct mainly experimental research on the effects of interventions on digitalized media markets on consumer behavior and well-being.


Research Fields
Media Economics, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics


Working Paper

How narratives impact financial behavior - experimental evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic
(with Sören Harrs and Bettina Rockenbach)

Debunking "fake news" on social media: short- and longer-term effects of fact checking and media literacy interventions 
(with Anna Kerkhof, Felix Mindl and Johannes Münster)

How digital media markets amplify news sentiment


Work in Progress

The production function of news: Investigating journalistic content choices under different incentive schemes

Upholding a good image: Selective country comparisons in the media (with Gönül Dogan and Louis Strang)

Science literacy in the newsroom: Experimental evidence (with Anna Kerkhof and Christian Peukert)